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This guide will explain how to setup your Switch 10 or 20 ports to use 2 VLANs.

Adding VLANs.

1x VLAN for the Ravenna AES67 and 1x VLAN for regular networking.

VLAN1 : will be used for regular networking.
VLAN2 : will be used for Ravenna AES67.

By default the switch already has VLAN1 created with defaults for regular networking.
So we will be adding VLAN2 for the for the Ravenna AES67 networking.

Table of contents:

3.1 Add a new VLAN
3.2 Add Ports to VLAN2
3.3 Change Device IP for VLAN2 (optional step, but recommended)
3.4 Change IGMP settings for VLAN2.
3.5 Change Green Ethernet settings.
3.6 Change QoS settings.

Other Resources

  1. Cisco's video on how to add a new VLAN.
    It explains the basics of what needs to be done to create a new VLAN.


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