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Adding ports to the new VLAN2 we created in previous step.


First we will examine how distribute ports across VLANs in the switch (how we are going to split the ports between vlans)

VLAN2 will use : PORTS 9 to 16 and 18 and 20
VLAN1 will keep: PORTS 1 to 8 and 17 and 19

You can set this as you wish but by default this is how we will configure the VLAN2.


  1. Go to "VLAN Management" and click on "PORT TO VLAN" on the menu, it will open the port to vlan pane on the right.
  2. Then select 2 in "VLAN ID equals to" and click on the "GO" button, it will open a new pane with VLAN2 config.
  3. As you can see by default all the ports for this VLAN are marked as excluded.

    We want to change that to choose which ports we are going to use...
    Check the following figure, representing what we want to do.

  4. Now we are going to add the ports to our new vlan, for that change the Membership Type of the ports we want to add to VLAN2
    from "EXCLUDED" to "UNTAGGED" as show in the picture bellow and click on "APPLY" to validate our changes.

  5. Then click on the "COPY/SAVE CONFIGURATION" link to go save this configuration.

  6. Save the current configuration into your startup configuration so you don't lose any changes if the device is rebooted..

  7. Click "DONE" to finish, you might want to reboot your switch.
  8. After this is done if you check VLAN1 config you can see that all the ports from VLAN2 are now auto excluded from VLAN1.
  9. That is it, you now have VLAN1 and VLAN2 and they're traffic is independent from each other and your config should be like this:


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