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Here is how to change the IGMP settings to use for VLAN2 Ravenna AES67.


  1. Click on "MULTICAST" on the left menu.

  2. Click on "IPV4 Multicast Configuration" and then click on "IGMP SNOOPING".

  3. The following pane should show up in the right side.
    Make sure "IGMP SNOOPING STATUS"  & "IGMP QUERIER STATUS" are ticked "ENABLE" as show in the picture.

  4. Select the "ENTRY 2" (vlan id 2) and click on "EDIT" as shown on the picture below.

  5. In the window that just popped up edit the entries there (all the yellow marked entries, should be set as shown) and click "APPLY"

  6. Click on Copy/Save Configuration link (yellow marked) to go save your configuration .

  7. Choose "Running Configuration" and "Startup Configuration" and click "Apply".

  8. Click on "DONE" button and that is it.



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