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When the Audio Engineering Society ratified the X-192 groups findings, the outcome was the AES67 proposal for interoperability of devices transmitting real-time audio streams on networks.

AES67 is completely compatible with RAVENNA networks and manufacturers announcing that they are delivering AES67-ready devices means that they are in fact delivering RAVENNA compatible ones.

The RAVENNA protocol is able to automatically provide the source description (SDP) to the target, but in AES67 with non-Merging interfaces it needs to be done manually, as it is not standardized, all manufacturers  tend do it in their own ways.


-       Merging Products are supporting AES67 in multicast
-       MassCore and VAD supports AES67
-       RAVENNA ASIO supports AES67 since V11.
-       All Merging devices natively support SAP connections since V11.

Click here for the AES67 configuration guide.
Configure MERGING and third party DANTE devices in AES67 mode  
Configure MERGING and Dolby® ATMOS CINEMA PROCESSOR CP850 device in AES67 mode