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  • ANEMAN does not follow the Frame Rate mode (AES67, Ultra, Extra, Low Latency), it has a Sampling Rate Zone option but not one for the Frame Rate, users will have to manually make sure that their devices are on the same frame rate / Latency.
  • Merging RAVENNA ASIO driver can control the sampling rate of a Horus/Hapi device, but Horus/Hapi device cannot control the sampling rate of the RAVENNA ASIO driver; Horus / Hapi should not be set as Master of a sampling rate zone including RAVENNA ASIO.
  • ANEMAN issues can be traced in a log files, please contact Merging support in order to put it in place.

  • Users working on large network setup should contact the Merging Support team in order to make sure they have the latest firmware and optimized switch configuration.

  • This 1.0.0 release is restricted to the following list of devices :
    - Merging NADAC and NADAC player
    - Merging HORUS and HAPI audio converters
    - Merging MassCore, OSX VAD, ASIO Virtual Driver and ALSA driver
    - Digigram’s LX-IP sound card*
    - Digigram’s IQOYA range*
    - Devices based on Archwave’s uNet technology (e.g. Genelec 8430A, …)*
    (* : requires a plugin that is may not be delivered with your installer, visit