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  • Since ANEMAN v1.1.6 Spring 2018 and Pyramix 11.1 / Ovation 7.1 / Merging Ravenna ASIO driver 11.1, ANEMAN is no longer bundled in the installer and has to be installed separately.
    ANEMAN installer is available on
  • As of ANEMAN v1.1.6 Spring 2018 we have introduce enhanced error reporting for the Merging network interfaces. To make sure you have accurate errors reported please make sure that you are on the latest firmware (V3.9.1 37319 or above required)
  • Clearing and Error from ANEMAN reported by a Merging Technologies network interface will not clear the error reported on the physical interface screen (Horus TFT / Hapi OLED). But this will clear the reported to ANEMAN error, this is so until that error is reported again.
  • ANEMAN does not follow the Frame Rate mode (AES67, Ultra, Extra, Low Latency), it has a Sampling Rate Zone option but not one for the Frame Rate, users will have to manually make sure that their devices are on the same frame rate / Latency.
  • Merging RAVENNA ASIO driver can control the sampling rate of a Horus/Hapi device, but Horus/Hapi device cannot control the sampling rate of the RAVENNA ASIO driver; Horus / Hapi should not be set as Master of a sampling rate zone including RAVENNA ASIO.
  • ANEMAN issues can be traced in a log files, please contact Merging support in order to put it in place.

  • As of ANEMAN v1.1.6 Spring 2018, we have a "Dock icon" option that is enabled by default. This option when selected allows ANEMAN to always be running as a task. This can be useful when using Sampling Rate zones and making sure that all devices sampling rate change adequately together at all times.
    When closing ANEMAN with this option enabled you will notice that ANEMAN keeps running in the Taskbar and that you can Maximize ANEMAN from the Mouse+Right click menu or definitely quit it from there.
    If you do not see the ANEMAN Dock icon in the Windows taskbar or notification area, please follow the procedure on this page.

  • To make sure you do not have remaining connections, select the required devices and perform a "Clear Selected Connections" (from the Action Menu).
    If following a "Clear Selected Connections" if you still see connectors in the Receiver section (potentially Orange), in the routing matrix perform a Mouse+Right Click and select "Delete Receiver". This way you will be assured that no connection end is remaining.
    Alternatively you can also you may also open the devices advanced pages, in the World / Pinned view perform a Mouse+Right Click on the device and select Web Services.
    You can then browse to the Session Sources / Session Sinks pages to delete connections.

  • If you are unable to make a connection (red highlight on a cell you want to connect), please check the following:
    • Both the input and output devices should have the same sampling rate
    • Both the input and output devices should be on the same subnet
      If those two conditions are true, then you might want to open the configuration page of the receiving device, if the output is busy (for instance, a receiver is configured on an output) the software would not allow you to make a connection.
  • On some systems you might not be able to access the Horus or Hapi web access page from your Browser (unreachable), in such case please follow the procedure here.

  • Users working on large network setup should contact the Merging Support team in order to make sure they have the latest firmware and optimized switch configuration.

  • Enlarging Zone will not carry the Pinned Master Device on crown
  • The ANEMAN Sampling Rate configuration zone dialog will not appear and the mouse cursor (but rather at the top left screen corner)
  • This 1.1.x release is restricted to the following list of devices :
    - Merging NADAC and NADAC player
    - Merging HORUS and HAPI audio converters
    - Merging MassCore, OSX VAD, ASIO Virtual Driver and ALSA driver
    - Digigram’s LX-IP sound card*
    - Digigram’s IQOYA range*
    - Direct Out Montone *
    - Devices based on Archwave’s uNet technology (e.g. Genelec 8430A,Ward-Beck PreMo  …)*
    (* : require plugins that has to be downloaded from ANEMAN) 
    For up to date information about the compatible devices, please consult