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The LAWO plug-in is not public yet, ask it at

It has not been extensively tested with the Free version of ANEMAN, and we recommend ANEMAN Enterprise to use it.

LAWO devices compatibility status

  • PowerCore: tested by customers and working
  • R3LAY tested by dev and working
  • A__ line: not working properly
  • MC2 consoles: not tested

Discovery of devices

  • Auto discovery is off
  • Use the AppData/Roaming/Merging Technology/ANEMAN/StaticServices//LAWO.json  file
  • exemple of line : {"Ip":"","Origin":"MDNS","Port":9000,"Subtypes":[""],"Txt":{},"Type":"PowerCore1._ember._tcp.local"}
    • Ip : address of the device
    • Port : tcp port of ember+ service
    • Type : <name>._ember._tcp.local  → name must be unique


to be put in pictures subfolder:

AppData\Roaming\Merging Technologies\Aneman\pictures

(or in the ProgramFiles folder for every user)



[Streaming]ANEMAN and LAWO

in C:\ProgramData\LAWO\R3LAY\R3LAYVirtualPatchBay.ini

Check that the Ember+ port is the same in Relay and StaticServices.json


Check port correspondance

Check Ember+ setup to include Ravenna data.

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