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See also Troubleshooting section.

The Algorithmix ReNOVAtor is available in the Pyramix installer for users who have purchase the Algorithmix option.

  • Users who wish to use the built-in ReNOVAtor need to have a valid Merging ReNOVAtor VS3 key.

  • Users who wish to use their current ReNOVAtor dongle key will need to confirm such usage at the Pyramix installation, as a message will prompt the user of its ReNOVAtor usage choice (Merging security or Algorithmix security).

The ReNOVAtor key is offered free of charge to former Nova key owners.

You have an eLicenser license for your ReNOVAtor, so not using the ReNOVAtor version bundled with Pyramix.

After installing the latest Pyramix, ReNOVAtor does not see this license anymore and it is not available under the Render tools. 

  1. Go to the Windows Start menu and type cmd in the search.
  2. Start the CMD shell by making sure it is launched as administrator (Mouse+Right click on cmd.exe "Run As Administrator")
  3. From the CMD shell go to the folder where the NovaPyr.dll is
     e.g.      cd C:\Program Files\Common Files\Merging Technologies\Renderers 
  4. Type the registration command line in the CMD shell  : 
    regsvr32 NovaPyr.dll 
  5. Enter
  6.  It should give you a message saying that the dll has been registered
  7. Launch Pyramix and your ReNOVAtor should work.


ReNOVAtor using eLicenser is supported under 64bit OS, please ask Algorithmix for latest installer update.