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Depending on the source selected, MERGING+NADAC will automatically set its sampling rate accordingly.

The Sync source is always displayed on the top left corner of MERGING+NADAC display.


  1. WordClock input :
    The wordclock input synchronization is only used in RAVENNA, provided the base sampling rate of the stream is the same than the base sampling rate of the wordclock input.
    This choice has been made to remain coherent between the synchronization source and the audio source and to have easier operation, otherwise NADAC could end up being synchronized to the wordclock input but still listening to an AES stream that would be not at all synchronous, thus generating clicks.

  2. AES, Optical or Coaxial input:
    When such external source is selected, MERGING+NADAC will always set its sampling rate and clock according to it.

    If you want to use an external WordClock, lock your external device on this WordClock. 
    As the NADAC will lock to your external device input, it will take advantage of the device being synchronized by the WordClock.

  3. Internal :
    Default sampling rate source when no WordClock or selected external device signals are detected.


MERGING+NADAC can handle 1 sampling rate at a time, you cannot set the Main output and the Headphone output to 2 different sampling rates.