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How-to configure MERGING+NADAC with HQPlayer on MacOS ?


The MERGING+NADAC CoreAudio driver is installed and configured
Signalyst HQPlayer is installed


Step-by-step guide


  1. Start HQ player:

  2. Click in the top left corner Menu and select HQPlayerDesktop3Preferences menu:

  3. First set Backend to CoreAudio 
    Then select Merging+NADAC as Device :
    It is recommended to keep the Buffer size to Default.

  4. Configure PCM Defaults for PCM playback without any down or up-sampling:
    Filter : None - Dither : None - Sample Rate /Limit : 384000

  5. You can now play PCM files:

  6. Configure SDM Defaults for DSD playback without any down or up-sampling:
    Oversampling : poly-sync - Modulator : ASDM5 - Bit Rate /Limit : 11289600

  7. Select SDM(DSD), and you can now play a DSD file.

    Note: DSD through DOP on Mac computer is limited to DSD128, however MERGING+NADAC is DSD256 capable.


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