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The Built-in Mic is by factory default assigned to the Talks channel 1.
But this Talk 1 is not assigned to Monitors (to avoid feedback).
In this example we will setup the Talk1 on Headphones 1 Monitor set.


  • Headphones connected to the Anubis physical Phone 1.
  • Built-in Mic  is patched in Talk 1 (factory default).

Assign the Talkback to the Phone 1 Monitor

  1. Enter the Anubis Home Page, then access the Settings.
  2. Go in the Monitors menu
  3. Select the Phone 1 monitor set.
  4. Browse to the Talkback section
  5. On Talk A, press the select Talk 1

The built-in Mic is now the Talkback for the Phone 1 Set.