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In MT Discovery and ANEMAN/Easy Connect, you get an error mssage DNS service browse fails error -xxxxx


The DNS address cannot be resolved by the system.


  • This usually happens when you have 2 or more several networks cards set to use the same IP address range.
    For example, network 1 set to and network 2 also on  Windows is not able to make the difference between the 2 networks. 
    In Windows Network & Sharing Center > Adapter settings, make sure you are using different IP address ranges for each of your networks.
    For example : RAVENNA network, Controller network, house network
  • If your IP addresses are OK, or if you only have 1 RAVENNA network connected, Bonjour service may not work correctly.
    Go to Windows Control Panel > Programs & Features, select Bonjour and uninstall it.
    Once uninstalled, launch your Pyramix, Ovation,....installer. It will automatically ask you to reinstall Bonjour.
    Once Bonjour is installed, you may stop the installer.
    Then restart the computer.