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Due to an update to support Unicode and special characters in V10.1, opening a project from a previous versions containing DSDIFF medias may show offline files.


To work around this issue :
Close Pyramix
Go in your Media folder(s), and delete all the Quickmount files and all the PK2 files (waveforms files).
Restart Pyramix and relink the medias, in Project drop down menu >Reconform > Relink to new media, with the following options :
Using current Media File Name (or Media Name) / Matching File Name (or Media Name) / Match exactly / Case Insensitive and Ignore TimeCodes options both ticked.

To re-generate the waveform, select all files, right click on it and select Display > Generate Image/Waveform.

You only have to do this relink process when opening your DSDIFF project one time, once saved in V 10.1, the files will relink properly next time you open your project.