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When switching sampling rates on an EMM Labs SACD player connected on the MERGING+NADAC or NADAC PLAYER AES input or SPDIF input (switching from CD to SACD or SACD to CD), there are many audio clicks and distorted audio for at least 30 seconds.


The synchronization signal is not as expected by MERGING+NADAC / NADAC PLAYER, and it takes a very long time to be properly synchronized.

You need a specific NADAC Fimware to work with the EMM Labs player.

  1. Download the specific NADAC Firmware for EMM Labs : EMMlabs_Firmware_fix
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Start NADAC in Maintenance mode (see this page on how to start in Maintenance mode)
  4. Update to Firmware_3.5.0_30657 or above.
  5. Reboot the NADAC a second time in maintenance mode .
  6. Update the EMMLabs_special_mode.NADAC as if it was a firmware. (select "show all files" if you do not see the file)
    This should solve sync and glitches issues in AES or SPDIF when the EMMlabs is used along with the MERGING+NADAC or NADAC PLAYER.

    To revert the firmware and NADAC to is original state update the EMMLabs_special_mode_reset.NADAC file.



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