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Eucon/Eucon2 not available as OASIS Transport in Pyramix Settings > Controller > OASIS
Assuming EuControl software is properly installed and you have selected the correct network adapter in Windows Control Panel > Eucon.

Pyramix 10 or above :

  1. Close Pyramix
  2. Launch the Windows command line (cmd) in Adminsitrator mode (right click > Run as Administrator)
  3. Paste this line below in the command :  regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Merging Technologies\Controllers\MTOASISTPortEUCON2.dll".
  4. Press OK and confirm the registration.
  5. Relaunch Pyramix.

Pyramix 9:

  1. Close Pyramix
  2. Download this patch that will register all dll.
    Unzip, then run as administrator (right click > Run as Administrator)
    This .bat file that will register the missing dll (unzip it and launch the bat file after Pyramix and Eucon installation).
  3. Relaunch Pyramix.

Pyramix 9 only: you can select EuCon in OASIS Transport, but it does not communicate:
You should see “EUCON” in the drop-down list; if you see “EuCon” instead, please update to Pyramix 9.1.10.