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When creating and activating a Sealevel GPIO controller in Pyramix or Ovation, Windows crash with a Blue Screen.
The SeaLevel GPIO models are SeaI/O 4xxU serie and SeaPort PLC16 (820x and 820x FX)
SeaMax GPIO are not subject to that issue (SeaDAC P/N 822x, except P/N 8227).

SeaLevel GPIO devices are not compatible with USB3 XHCI feature included in  recent motherboards.
According to SeaLevel, the workaround is to use an additional USB3 expansion card, based on NEC chipsets (Intel or Renesas are not compatible).
Merging did not test this solution.

  • Since Z170 motherboards, the XHCI feature cannot be turned off completely, you need to upgrade your Sealevel GPIO to SeaMax.

  • On previous motherboards (e.g. Z97, Z87, Q87,....) first check if you can disable XHCI in the BIOS settings (also called XHCI hand-off).
    Disabling this feature may cause USB3 devices to work slower.
    If you can't disable XHCI,  you need to upgrade your Sealevel GPIO to SeaMax.