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Background Recorders: Can cause a "Runtime Pure Virtual Call" error crash when removed.

Do not have the Background Recorders that you want to remove selected in the Transport.
Please monitor you memory usage and it might be a good thing to reduce the Pre-Buffering and the track record count.

Background Recorders DSD

If the Mixer is not a DSD compatible Mixer (square mixer), the record fails, but no message displayed. We recommend users to create a DSD project prior to enabling and starting to work with Background Recorders in DSD.

Safety Record issue with the take logger.

Pressed commands erroneously will be applied when the transport is stopped. Meaning that if you press Abort & Delete while in safety record, nothing will happen. But, when you come out of safety record and stop, it will apply the command and delete the take. To handle with care.

Take logger buttons do not show up in dialog, Rating icons not visible

Go under Windows Control Panel > System > Advanced System settings.
Select the Advanced button Settings under Performance.
Enable desktop composition and enable « Animate controls and elements inside Windows ».
Relaunch Pyramix.

Final Check Metering is not supported in DXD/DSD

Timeline and Realtime Sampling Rate Conversion: clicks or noise may occur when doing playback or mixdown

Current limitation of the real time SRC :
When 2 overlapping clips reference the same media with different sampling rate than project, noise will occur on the overlapping section.
Convert those medias to the project's sampling rate, prior to using such a workflow.

Generate CD image will not stop past last Marker if project is in Safe Record mode (MT5625)

Deactivate the Safe Record option.

Library and Media Manager: Copy / Paste not possible if Tab is undocked

Dock the Libraries and Media Manager tabs or use the Edit drop down menu of the Media Manager / Library tab.

Convert: might create gaps at some edit points due to conversion applied

Rejoin the edits with trim.

StripTools: not always opened from "Fx" button on Track Header

Open Strip tools form the mixer and scroll through the display once. 

Trimmer: No cursor and playback location possible with some library snapshot

Make sure in Edit menu that the “Edit/Update Original TC On Move ON” is enabled prior to making your library snapshots.

Project Convert DXD to MTFF or FLAC (to 2FS) end with wrong result

This issue does not affect the other file formats, please use PMF or BWF.

Interchange: AAF non-embedded export to Pro Tools 7x could generate "Could not complete your request because an unexpected error happened while trying to find an audio media file’s format" error.

We recommend to use AAF Embedded when exporting to ProTools 7. ProTools 8 is known to be working in such case.

 Can't generate MP3 or MP4 (AAC) files

Advanced Audio Codec Support Key required for MP3 and AAC support.
Flac and OGG are free of charge. 

Interchange: OMF Export no longer supported, since V7.1 (Last supported in Pyramix v7.0SP3)

See with you dealer for the further information and AAF proposal plan.
OMF Import not subject to that limitation.

Stalls during SACD Edited Master processing.

Merging does not recommend that Edited Master are generated Realtime, but rather in Non-Realtime. Especially when using delta's such as Trellis.

Final Check Metering: When running MassCore on more than one core, it is possible (though not always the case) that Final Check cannot monitor certain bus/stem.

Add an effect (any effect will do, but you may prefer to pick one that doesn’t modify the sound: phase oscillo, surround monitor…) on the bus that Final Check doesn’t monitor.
Then disable - enable Final Check Metering.

Multiple projects opened simultaneously

We do not recommend users to have more than 8 project opened at the same time (due to GDI object limitation).