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  • Pyramix MassCore with on-board graphic: Could potentially experience performance issue (Core Peaks) with Video projects that have Core readings of 30% to 35 % at base.
  • Pyramix MassCore with dedicated graphic card (non on-board): Such configuration will improve the video performance and reduce risk of getting MassCore peaks.
    Merging recommends ATI FirePro graphic cards, see this page for further details on tested models. 
  • Pyramix Native system: Video Performance will mostly depend on the system configuration.  
    Dedicated graphic card will improve the video performance.
    Laptop users must set their Windows Power Scheme to High Performance.

Pyramix and VCube combo

  • Pyramix MassCore and VCube combo on same system should not be used with a dedicated PCIe Graphic card, only the onboard graphic is supported in that configuration.
    Due to the technology used for VCube preview, in such configuration MassCore will show overloads as soon as VCube is started.
  • Alternative solution is to use VCube and Pyramix MassCore on separated systems.


  • Dedicated graphic card will improve the performances, but not mandatory.

Ovation and Pyramix Combo

  • Dedicated graphic card will improve the performances.
  • No restrictions when using Ovation and Pyramix at the same time.