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On versions prior to Pyramix 11, Ovation 7 and VCube 7, when using display resolution higher than 1920 x 1080, some values are not displayed correctly.

There is a workaround for high resolution displays, please download this zip file :

Pyramix 10.2 Manifest

Ovation 6.2 Manifest 

Instructions are in the ReadMe file.
Depending on the Pyramix / Ovation version you have installed, you may need to edit the Pyramix.exe.manifest / Ovation.exe.manifest file (in Notepad for example) and set the "version=" value to the one installed on your computer (right click > Properties > Details Tab : File version on Pyramix.exe / Ovation.exe).
E.G :  version="" if you have installed Pyramix 10.2.0.

This workaround is no longer required since Pyramix 11.0, Ovation 7.0 or VCube 7.0.