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Merging recommends its users to follow the v11 Installation guide requirements and recommendations.


Supported OS

  • The Pyramix v11 installer is only 64bit compatible.
  • Pyramix v11 is compatible with the following OS :
    Windows 7 Professional (64bit):
    Windows 10 Professional (64bit) Anniversary / Creator / Fall Creator (11.0.6 required)
    Supports: MassCore/RAVENNA, Native/RAVENNA & Native ASIO
    Pyramix v11 Native is no longer officially supported on Windows 8.1
  • Windows 7 users : be sure that those two windows updates (especially kb3033929) are properly installed :
    Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3033929)
    Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3123479)

    If the Windows updates seems stuck or very slow, please see this page this page for further advises. 


  • If you are not successfully installing Pyramix v11.0 at the first installation try on Windows 10, please restart your system and launch again the Pyramix v11.0 installer
    If you are not successfully installing Ovation v7.0 at the first installation try on Windows 10, please restart your system and launch again the Ovation v7.0 installer
  • Uninstalling a Pyramix version might leave components behind, please use the PMX CleanUp v11 is available for those in need to reinstalling from a clean environment.
    Please consult the MT Cleanup page for further details.
    Note: Under Windows 10 the MTCleanUp should be launched as Administrator.

We recommend to Ovation users which have already a Pyramix installed on their computer to first uninstall Pyramix before install Ovation.
The Ovation installer include both Ovation and Pyramix installers.


  • Pyramix V11 requires the new v11 keys.
  • Users with a valid ASM plan are eligible to the v11 update.
  • Pyramix v11 MassCore comes with a new MassCore / RTX64 -3.0 key
    Users with a SSK-HUD-RTX (RTX dongle) can store simultaneously a Pyramix v10 MassCore/RTX64 key and a Pyramix v11 MassCore/RTX64 key on the same dongle.
    Pyramix v11 MassCore uses an RTX64  keys starting with IZRTX64-030- XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
  • The HASP security dongles are not supported
    For such configuration users must purchase a SafeNet dongle, see with your local Merging sales office.

MassCore notes

  • MassCore users should pay special attention to the Bios configuration.
    Improper configured Bios could result in MassCore Spikes, Blue Screens or corrupted audio signal.
    Pyramix v11 and RAVENNA PC configurations details are available in the Support Section of our website. 
  • Note that in order to run Pyramix v11 MassCore under 64bit you will need a RTX64 Activation Key along with a MassCore 64-bit key.
    Find here a document explaining different MassCore/RTX64 installation and licensing scenarios.

VS3 Plugins

  • The VB VS3 plugins are installed along with Pyramix.
  • Algorithmix Denoiser and descracther plugins are included in Pyramix installer (since version 10.0.7 Hotfix)
    Algorithmix DeNoiser and DeScratcher are functional as is under Pyramix v11 but no longer maintained. 
  • The Flux VS3 plugins needs to be installed separately, consult
  • Cedar plugins needs to be installed separately, consult your local dealer.

VST Plugins

  • Pyramix v11 – 64bit does support natively 64bit VST plug-ins.
  • A workaround for VST 32bit plugins users under a 64bit OS is possible by simply installing the
    jBridge third party application, without running jBridger (no need to create 64bit proxy VST dlls).
    32 bit Waves plugins not supported by Merging when using jBridge under a 64bit OS. Please use Waves 64bit plugins in such case.
    Merging is not responsible for any eventual instabilities and side effects caused by the use of jBridge.