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You may need to completely uninstall Pyramix, VCube, Ovation, AMR, Merging RAVENNA ASIO or Merging Audio device driver, for example if you have to re-install a previous version.
MassCore users should NOT  uninstall MassCore engine (IntervalZero RTX) unless requested by

MTCleanup utility is backward compatible, you may use it with any previous Pyramix, Ovation, VCube, AMR, Merging RAVENNA ASIO or Merging Audio device driver version. 

  1. Licenses :
    The cleanup process will remove your Merging Technologies licenses, you will have to enter your keys when you have re-installed.
    Safenet dongle : Make sure you have your authorization key file (.mtk) at hand, matching the software version you will re-install. 
    You can get a copy of your key file in your account.
    QLM Security : Please first deactivate your license(s) before uninstalling.  Make sure you have your Activation key at hand, matching the product version you will re-install.
    If you can't access the MTSecurity panel, you can still deactivate the license with the QLM SelfHelp Tool, see this page for details

  2. Pyramix / Ovation:
    - Your settings can be saved using Save button in the All Settings page (ALT+G). 
    - Macros and keyboard shortcuts can be saved in their respective pages.
    - FX Rack presets can be saved using Save Preset>Save to File function. 
    - Layout and Templates are stored in MyDocuments>Merging Technologies folder. 
    - If you use a specific desktop layout, first save it in Settings>Application>Desktop Layout.
    - VCube : Presets can be saved in the Presets tab.
    - Keyboard shortcuts can be saved in the Shorcut tab
    - Back Up your Plugins Settings from C:\ProgramData\Merging Technologies\Plugins list (.pms files)
    - Other Pyramix Settings (such as Monitor, FX Rack, Final Check, and more) can be found from C:\Users\<USER NAME>\AppData\Roaming\Merging Technologies\Pyramix

    Do not save those settings in the Documents/Merging Technologies folder.

  3. Uninstall the program in Windows control panel > Programs & Features (and AMR,VCube, MTUSBSync,…if you have these)

  4. Unzip in any convenient place and run the MTCleanup utility (more infos in the README file if required)
    32 bits OS :
    64 bits OS :
    YOU NEED TO BE LOGGED AS ADMINISTRATOR TO USE IT : right click on the MTCleanup and select Run as Administrator.

  5. Reboot your PC and then reinstall Pyramix, Ovation, VCube and /or AMR.

  6. You’ll have to go through MTSecurity Settings and re-enter your keys. 
    Safenet dongle users : Double click on your .mtk file with MTSecurity Settings close, or click on Import Keys in MTSecurity Settings.
    QLM Security : Use the License wizard in the QLM tab.

  7. Except for AMR, you will also have to go in VS3 Control Panel to configure the applications.

Note for Ovation users : when reinstalling Ovation after a cleanup, the installer may throw an "Internal Error 2623" message.
In such case please stop the installation and relaunch it.