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Since MacOS High Sierra and follow up versions, kernel extensions must be approved by the user.

  • During the installation, a "System extension blocked" message shows up, click on OK to unlock the Merging kernel extension.

  • If this message is ignored, a message will be displayed for 30 minutes in System Preferences > Security and Privacy.

    Until the user approves the extension, future load attempts will cause the approval UI to reappear but will not trigger another user alert.
  • Physical access to the computer is required to allow the kernel extensions. The Allow button will be disabled if you are remotely accessing the computer.
  • The kernel extension has to be authorized the first time you install.
  • When upgrading from Sierra to High Sierra, Approval is automatically granted to third-party KEXTs that were already present before the upgrade.

  • To check if the Merging CoreAudio kernel extension is valid, you have to open the Terminal then type:
    kextstat | grep -v
    The merging kernel extension should be displayed in the list.