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After updating the MassCore - RTX engine, your RTX dongle is no longer recognized, and therefore your MassCore is not authorized.
The Led on the RTX Hasp dongle stays off.
This does not affect the Merging - Safenet dongle (all your authorizations are valid in the MT Security panel).


You have probably installed a driver for the RTX Hasp dongle manually, which is now included in MassCore installer, but the two versions cannot coexist.

  • Go in Windows Control Panel > Programs & Features and uninstall the Sentinel Runtime program.
  • Download and extract this zip file
  • Go in Windows Control Panel > Device Manager and right click on the HASP HL 3.25 (under Other devices section)
    Select Update Driver, then Browse my computer for driver software
    Browse to the extracted zip file location and click on Next.
  • Repeat the same operation for the other two Sentinel devices that did show up.
  • Reboot your computer