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You cannot mount or unmount folders in the Media Manager, or the folders are empty.


The Media Manager is using several database files, that might need a re-indexing

  1. Quickmount files:
    To force a re-indexing  of the Quickmount files of a specific folder, select the folder in the Media Manager and click on Refresh whole holding CTRL key.

  2. Pyramix is also using a meta database, storing informations on all media files.
    Go in All Settings/Application/General and untick the box Keep Media Manager History, then restart Pyramix.
    This will flush the complete database.


  3. If it is already turned off, go in All Settings/Application/Location and click on Browse next to Default database location and set a new database location.
    Then restart Pyramix.

    you may also close Pyramix and go to C:\Users\username\Appdata\Roaming\MergingTechnologies\Pyramix\Database: delete all files .