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Library recommendations - Save - Changed behaviors (since Pyramix V7.1)

The default database path is C:\Documents and Settings\<User Name>\Application Data\Merging Technologies\Pyramix.
This database Location path can be set under Settings>Application>Location>Default Database Location.

For better performance Merging strongly recommends that you move the Database location on your fastest system Drive.
SATA2 - 7200 rpm Disks are recommended and not necessarily C:\OS default drive (as a drive with less activity and more speed should be performing better)
Merging also recommends Pyramix users save their project on a Disk were no OS resides for better performances (C:\ not recommended).

Merging recommends that your Disk have the indexing disabled on your Media drives and Windows Power Management is set accordingly to High Performances. 

Disable File Indexing :

  1. Open “My computer”
  2. Right click on each Media drive and select “Properties” from dropdown menu.
  3. Un-Check the indexing check box

Verify the Power Management :

Go under Windows Control Panel and open Power options :

  • MassCore users Under Windows 7: Power plan should be “RTX – recommended”.
  • Native Users: Make sure you select the “High Performance” power plan.

For ultimate performance Merging recommends that you (not mandatory)

  • Set your Antivirus to off while running Pyramix.
  • Set Windows Automatic-Update to “notify me”.

Avoid active internet connection while running Pyramix 

Keeping Mounted Folders when closing and restarting Pyramix can speed up your workflow.
Set option under All Settings>Application>General> “Mount all Media folders that were Mounted at previous Application Exit”.

You can clear the History of the Media Manager under the Media Manager>Media Folder menu.

  • The Database Media_library.pml size can become bigger after a while since it keeps a history of all previously mounted folders. 
    This is done in order get a better performance when re-mounting unchanged folders within the media manager.
  • The history can be deleted with the Clear Media Manager history. 
    Depending on the history size, this operation can take some time to free all not currently mounted entries.
    Remember that the Media_Library.pml file will not get smaller. Rather, it will take more time before it grows again as you mount-remount folders.
  • Users can delete the Media_Library_.pml from the Database location Folder while Pyramix is not running without injuring the application. 
    It will be recreated empty by Pyramix at next runtime. 
    You'll get an empty Media Manager and you'll be able to mount again folders from scratch and see the Media_Library_.pml file grow again.
  • Note that there is an option to Keep Media Manager history (Settings>Application>General), uncheck to disable and purge the History at every launch (The Media_Library_.pml file is actually recreated from scratch at Pyramix start).