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When controlling the Mic PreAmps of Horus/Hapi, the gain steps are 3 db.
Low-cut, PAD, Phase Invert, Phantom, input type selector are not working.


  • If you are not using a Merging DAW, if you use Avid MicPre protocol to control the preamps, that is normal, as Avid MicPre only works with 3 db Steps.
    Merging has made several improvements, make sure you use firmware v3.0.3b26178 or above.
    In most circumstances it is better to enable the ProTools MicPreamps option "Retain the current Setting" under the Peripherals in order not to loose MIDI Pre communication.
  • If you are using Merging DAW, make sure you use the firmware related to your Pyramix version:

Pyramix 8 - 8.1 : Firmware V2. 23165
Pyramix 9- 9.1  : Firmware V3. 26178 to (3.0.5 31109 and above requires V9 patch, see this page for details)
Pyramix 10 : Firmware V3.0.70.29299 and above 
Pyramix 11 : Firmware V3.6.0.32391 and above 

 See also Horus / Hapi IO Cards compatibilities for additional cards firmware compatibility.