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When several RAVENNA devices are present on the same network, one is elected as PTP Master, and the other ones as PTP Slave.
Only the PTP Master is able to lock to an external reference (i.e. Wordclock, Video reference,...)
If the PTP Master device fails, one of the Slave device will be elected to Master, but by default will be on its internal clock.

Setup example :

- Horus 1 master with sync on Video Ref.
- Horus 2 slave, needs to fallback as master with sync on Video Ref.


Your Merging RAVENNA device must be running firmware 3.9.0b34718 or above.


On each Horus, select Video in the I/O & Sync Page.
On the PTP Master, the Horus will be synchronized on Video, the PTP slave will show Video sync red :

If the Master PTP device fails, the Slave device will turn to Master.
This change does require several seconds, and during that time, the audio might be degraded.

When the previous PTP Master comes back, it will turn to Master, which will also require several seconds for the PTP clock to synchronize, and during that time the audio might be degraded.  You may therefore choose to not restart the device.

If you have a more complex setup, additional settings should be configured, feel free to contact for further help.