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  • AES67 (Horus/Hapi at 48 sample latency) is supported since V11. Previous ASIO driver versions can only be used with the standard 64 samples latency (and therefore not compatible with AES67).
  • The Merging MassCore NIC (NET-MSCGBEX1) will not function for RAVENNA ASIO use, it is dedicated to MassCore.
  • RAVENNA ASIO user should have administrator rights to configure the ASIO Panel.
  • About the number of channels, we recommend you to set it to the number of channels you will actually use.
    If you set to 64 channels, but only use 8, the remaining 56 channels will still consume some power processing.
  • For better performance, a dedicated network card for RAVENNA ASIO communication is recommended. 
    See this page for detailed settings.