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Failed to open Show An invalid character was found in text content
  • If you may have an issue where a Show don't open correctly, with the error message "Failed to open Show as an illegal character was found in the Show file. Illegal character found on line: x at position: y"


  • You may have to manualy delete this illegal character ; to do this :


  1. Download NotePad++ :

  2. Open your Ovation Show in NotePad++

  3. Go to the line & position specify by the error message

  4. Delete the illegal character

  5. Then save it and reopen your Show in Ovation

    • You may have to reiterate this operation as long as some illegal character were found

    • As of Ovation v6.1 our error message will indicate the invalid character line and character position. Users that are on v6.0 or prior can send their project to for correction