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If you have no playback and the cursor is stopped, please verify this :

  • On the Horus make sure that the ASIO Clock in enabled (Auto or On ) under the Horus page Setup>Advanced.
    If you have several Horus / Hapi devices on your RAVENNA network, please make sure that on the PTP / RAVENNA Master device, this ASIO Clock setting is On.
  • Check that Pyramix, Horus / Hapi and the RAVENNA ASIO panel are all running at the same sampling rate. 
  • If problem persists then:
    In ANEMAN : Select the devices and do a Action > Clear Selected Connections, then reconnect the required inputs and outputs.
    In Easy Connect, force a Clear all Connections (CTRL+ Click on Clear All Connections), then reconnect the required inputs and outputs.