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  • Only Primary Ethernet port is implemented, secondary port not working.
  • Horus and Hapi have no DHCP-server capability.
  • Prior to firmware - Maintenance Mode V43:
    In Maintenance mode, Horus/Hapi are exclusively using “Auto” IP settings mode.
    In Maintenance mode their IP addresses are displayed on their screen. 
  • The Horus RAVENNA interface is limited to 32 input Banks + 31 output Banks 
    E.g. 32 banks of 8 inputs channels equals a 256 inputs limit
  • MADI: Switching from MADI Standard (56) to MADI Extended (64) can generate small glitch, avoid doing so during realtime operations.
  • "Auto" sampling rate is  working for MADI since firmware  
    If your MADI device can only communicate in "Legacy" framing mode, only 44.1 and 48 kHz are transmitted.
    Therefore 88.2, 176.4,... will be detected as 44.1 and 96,192,... as 48 kHz.
    If possible, set your device to "High Speed" framing to properly send the sampling rate through MADI.
    Refer to your MADI device manual.
  • When creating/opening a DSD project the Horus might not switch accordingly between 64/128/256 this has to be done manually in such case.