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Your Merging RAVENNA device is not shown in MT Discovery.


As any other network device, there are several steps to follow :

  1. Make sure your Merging RAVENNA device is connected to your computer, directly on a standard gigabit network adapter or through a RAVENNA configured switch, using CAT5e or CAT6 cable.
    Use the Primary port on the RAVENNA device.
    LEDs on both side should be active.
    MassCore NIC users must first install and authorize MassCore for the MassCore NIC to work properly.
    100MB Network adapters are not suitable for Merging RAVENNA network.
  2. Check that the RAVENNA device is set to Auto IP, by going in the Setup > Network menu.
  3. On a Windows computer, go in Windows Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center and select Change adapter settings.
    Access the properties of the network adapter, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), access its properties and set it to "Obtain an IP address automatically".
    You will need to disable / enable the card or restart the computer for changes to apply.
    On a MacOS computer, go in System Preferences > Network and select the network adapter. Then click on "Advanced" button and click on "Renew DHCP lease". 
  4. If you still can't see the Merging RAVENNA device, check that other networks on your computer are not using the same IP range.
    By default, the RAVENNA network will use range. Any other network on your computer cannot use the same IP range, as the operating system cannot handle tow different networks using the same addresses. (you may get DNS error in that case)
    You may then set manual IP address on the other network(s) or on the RAVENNA network.
  5. Check that Apple Bonjour is correctly installed:
    On a Windows computer, browse to C:/Program Files/Bonjour. Right click on mDNSResponder and access its properties. In the details tab, the version should be (Pyramix 8.x) or (Pyramix 9.x and above).
    The Bonjour service should be running, go in Windows Control panel > Administrative Tools > Services ; Service Bonjour should be "started".
    You can restart the Service if required.
    On a MacOS computer, Bonjour is always installed by default.


In addition, MassCore users have to verify

  1. MassCore RTX64 must be installed.
    Make sure in Windows Control Panel > Programs & Features that Interval Zero RTX64 is installed. 
  2. MassCore RTX64 must be authorized.
    Go in Windows Control Panel > RTX64, and check that it is licensed, under RTX64 Components. 
  3. MassCore RTX64 must be running.
    Go in Windows Control Panel > RTX64 and check that the Subsystem is started.
  4. Merging Technologies MassCore NIC must be running.
    Go in  Windows Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services, and make sure that this service is running.
    You can Restart the service to be sure it runs properly.
  5. The RAVENNA device must be plugged on the Merging MassCore NIC (NET-MSC-GBEX1)
  6. The Merging MassCore NIC must be working.
    Go in  Windows Control Panel > Device Manager > Network adapters and make sure Merging Technologies PCIe 82574L Ethernet Controller has a valid driver, without any ! or ? sign icon.
    Refer to this page if you need to reinstall the driver.