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Pyramix can be set as a Rewire Host/Master, but not as a Rewire Slave/Client.
Make sure the Rewire software you want to use with Pyramix can be set as a slave.

  • Go in VS3 Control Panel, and enable Rewire in the Pyramix mode you are using.
    Make sure you are set in Low latency mode.

  • Start Pyramix and open an existing / create a new project.
    Rewire Inputs can be now be assigned in the Mixer (or in the Monitor! Panel), set it according to your needs.
  • In Pyramix  Timeline, make sure the Rewire tracks are set to “Input” mode.

  • Start your Rewire application :
    Reason automatically detects that a Rewire Master is present, as shown in its Hardware Interface (Rewire Slave Mode).
    Depending which Rewire client you use, you may need to set it manually.

    Reaper : Assure to start Reaper as Rewire Slave Mode.

  • Start the playback (in Pyramix or in the Rewire Client), both timelines are synchronized, and audio is connected between the applications.


  • If no Rewire connection is detected by your Rewire client, copy Rewire.dll from C:/Program Files/Common Files/Merging Technologies/MTCommon in C:/Windows/System32 and restart your Rewire Client.
  • Pyramix can receive Rewire Inputs, but cannot output to Rewire (not implemented).