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First follow SSL website installation instructions

ipMIDI Loopback option should be unticked.

RAVENNA users should not use the same network for audio and controllers.
If you are using RAVENNA with automatic IP addresses, do not use range for your Nucleus Controller, Windows is not able to handle two different networks using the same addresses range.
If you have several networks connected, you must configure ipMIDI on the required network card, see this page for further details.  

Reboot your computer after the installation and configuration of ipMIDI.

  • Start the NucleusRemote software.
  • Go in the Network setup tab, then click on the Search icon.
  • Select the network card connected to your Nucleus2
  • Click on Find button, your Nucleus2 controller will be automatically detected.
  • Check the Select box.
    Its network configuration will be detected automatically, and its status will become online.
  • Now start Pyramix or Ovation and enter the settings
  • Browse to Remote Control > Controller
  • Click on Add and name the controller.
    Access the properties ad select OASIS as driver.
    Access the OASIS properties and select EMC as Transport.
    Access the EMC properties and select SSL NUCLEUS HUI as Controller.
    Map the required 4 MIDI in and out ports to Ethernet MIDI
  • If Pyramix and the controller do not communicate at that stage, you need to verify the ipMIDI configuration, see this page.
    If you have several network adapters, you will also need to verify the network configuration, see this page.