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After upgrading to a Pyramix version 10, the Surround Panel may not correctly display.

  1. Close Pyramix and search for 'Regedit.exe' application and launch it,
  2. Go into HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Merging Technologies,
  3. Right click on 'Merging Technologies', choose 'Export' and save the .reg file in a safe place.

  4. Then Right click on 'Merging Technologies', choose 'Delete'.

  5. Reopen Pyramix, you should be able to correctly display the Surround Panner.


    This procedure will remove all your settings, make sure you first save it !
    - Your settings can be saved using Save button in the All Settings page (ALT+G).  
    - Macros and keyboard shortcuts can be saved in their respective pages.
    - FX Rack presets can be saved using Save Preset>Save to File function.  
    - Layout and Templates are stored in MyDocuments>Merging Technologies folder. 
    - If you use a specific desktop layout, first save it in Settings>Application>Desktop Layout.
    You will probably have to re-select one of the default preset shortcut keys table and go to the VS3 control panel to enable your Platform Hardware when restarting Pyramix.

  • Another way to reset the panner position is to use and load this registry key :

    It will only affect the position of the panner.

    You must close Pyramix. Extract the zip and double click on the included reg file. Restart Pyramix.

If the problem persist, contact

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