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To be able to use Horus and Hapi MIDI din, on its sync break out cable (CON-D15-VTC)


  • Make sure you use Horus / Hapi firmware V3.0.70.29299 or above.
  • Make sure your device have its DIP switch correctly configured for MIDI (see MIDI connection section in Horus / Hapi User Manual for details
    Note: As of the Horus/Hapi serial number H80730/H90620 jumpers already have the factory configuration for MIDI support 

On Windows :

  1. Make sure your Horus / HAPI is detected in MT Discovery
  2. Download ans install RTPMidi
  3. Start RTP MIDI
  4. In My Sessions section, click on the + sign to create a new session, and name it.
  5. Once the Session has been created, select the device_name_midi_din in the available streams and click on Connect.

  6. The midi_din stream will be passed in the Participants section, you can now use it in your favorite application.


RTPMIDI does not always refresh properly, if you need to change your settings in RTPMIDI, you will have to restart the computer for the changes to apply.

On MacOS :

Horus / Hapi MIDI DIN port can be used directly from within any DAW running on a Mac. (RAVENNA Core Audio driver v2.0.28844 and above recommended).
In order to use a Horus / Hapi  MIDI port in MacOS follow this procedure:

  1. Make sure your Horus / HAPI is detected in MT Discovery
  2. All available MIDI DIN port available on the network will appear as a usuall MIDI port. I.e. Reaper

Note: For Horus/Hapi LTC configuration under MacOS refer to the page here below
Use Horus/Hapi LTC inputs and outputs on Mac OS