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Pyramix v10.1 projects are not be backwards compatible with the previous Pyramix releases.

In order to open such projects in the previous release, please make sure that you perform the proper Save Special. A Save Special “Save as Version xx” was added to the list.

v10.x Libraries format are not compatible with older Pyramix release as v7.1.  

Save as v7.1 is available in the Library menu.

Pyramix v10.0 has a warning message of “Not Enough Streams available”.

This happens when reaching the maximum record inputs available. In such case we recommend that you reduce your inputs number count or disable the Background Recorder that are consuming inputs.
If you afterwards get a constant Message Box “Re-activating Project” at each Playback start, close and re-open your project to avoid this.
Be aware that under the VS3 Control Panel if you have enable the Secondary Device/ASIO bridge or Rewire active, you will consume Streams, disable this option if not in use.

Pyramix Multi channel PreAmps support

Multichannel MCS strips do not support the PreAmps control but VCA strips does.
Make sure that you install the latest Horus Firmware for proper communication.

VST Plugins not seen under Pyramix v10

By default the “\Program Files\VstPlugins” directory will be scanned.
User can select their VST plugins directory by going under the Pyramix Settings>Mixer>VST Plug-ins Settings and adding the directory where the installed VST plug-ins are.
The initialization of third parties VST plugins takes place at the Pyramix Launch and can take a long period of time (Close to 4 minutes for a Waves plugins bundle scan) on the first scan.
Be patient if you see that your Splash screen remains in display.
If a crash occurs during the scanning the VST scan will be automatically relaunched, up to 3 times in a row, if a fourth crash occurs the user will be ask if he wants to relaunch the VST scan.
The faulty plugins dll will be displayed in red.
Force Rescan (From Pyramix Settings>Application>Mixer>VST Plugins) will retry to register the VST blacklisted plugins.
Pyramix v10 – 64bit does support natively 64bit VST plug-ins.
A workaround for VST 32bit plugins users under a 64bit OS is possible by simply installing the jBridge third party application, without running jBridge (no need to create 64bit proxy VST dlls).
32 bit Waves plugins not supported by Merging when using jBridge under a 64bit OS. Please use Waves 64bit plugins in such case.
Merging is not responsible for any eventual instabilities and side effects caused by the use of jBridge. 

Mixer Automation Bus Aux Send

We advise that users do not automate the ON/OFF of Buses Aux Send and instead simply automate the Gain of the Aux. As this could cause Delay Compensation issue.

V10 project containing new Buses layout/Structure cannot be saved within a Save Special v9.0 project.

Pyramix v10 project containing the new Buses layout/Structure cannot be saved within a Save Special v9.0 project as warning message will prevent you from doing so.

Mono Legacy Bus conversion

Legacy Bus conversions. Due to the architecture of the new busses, mono mix busses are now converted into Mono Aux busses and not anymore to Mono Mix busses as Mix busses have no gain control.


Controller EMC - Legacy and new Aux bus / Subgroups

When using an OASIS-EMC controller (HUI fro example), you can use a mixer that contains both legacy and V10 Aux and subgroups, but you will not be able to control both the legacy and the V10 Aux and Subgroups from the controller, the controller is only able to handle one bus type at a time; therefore merging recommends you convert your legacy Aux and Subgroups to V10 busses.