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  • Installation: For installation information refer to the Ovation v7.1 Installation Guide
  • New save special as v7.0
    Ovation v7.1 shows are not backward compatible with Ovation 7.0, users must perform a “Save Special as v7.0” in order to open such project in v7.0
  • Ovation Launch: Be patient before opening show, wait until Ovation is fully launched, as screen can become unresponsive during Ovation Startup.
  • MTFF file format is not suitable for ultimate performance. Please in such case use BWF/WAVE.
  • Merging recommends that all cues are at the Show sampling rate for the best preformance
  • Merging recommends for the best performance that all media cues are played from SSDs if RAID configuration is required.
  • Mixer Automation Known limitations:
    Only one Panning Control is supported, there must be only one Panning Control in the mixing console
    Edit In Pyramix of a cue does not carry the automation back to Pyramix for editing for now
    Pausing a cue doesn’t pause the automation
    Bus sends Automation is not supported.
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