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  • Interchange: DAR no longer supported
  • The Timezone time-stretch tool is no longer supported in Pyramix v9 and has been removed. Prosoniq MPEX4 or Dirac are recommended. Contact your local dealer.
  • Virtual Transport changes.


  • Missing VS3 plugins (Some plugins under 64Bits are not yet available). o DeNoiser & DeScratcher.
    Arkamys Upmix not supported under 64bit 
  • Render: Nova & Levelizer are no longer supported 
  • Interchange: Akai DD/DR, ProTools and DAR are no longer supported under 64bit
  • The Timezone time-stretch tool is no longer supported in Pyramix v9 and has been removed. Prosoniq MPEX4 or Dirac are recommended. Contact your local dealer.
  • Middle mouse scrub not yet supported 
  • SD2 handler is not supported under 64bit 
  • HASP dongle is no longer supported under 64bit OS, a SafeNet dongle is required. Contact your local dealer.
  • The Mykerinos cards are not supported under 64bit OS 
  • Virtual Transport changes.


MassCore Technical Notes
  • MassCore not supported on Core2Duo since Pyramix v8. Minimum requirement is a QuadCore.
  • MassCore is supported under Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit)
  • MassCore 64bit: Activation key is linked to the system and not the dongle) and can only be activated once on a dedicated system. This only applies to 64bit. If you need to re-install MassCore/RTX64 bit on another system using the same key this will not be possible if the key has already been used. For such RTX64 Activation Key Replacement the demand has to be made through the Interval Zero Support team IntervalZero Support site This means that if you already have install MassCore 64bit on system and want to move it to another system you must contact interval zero and RTX64 so that they re-issue the key.
  • In order to run MassCore 64bit users will need to have both the RTX64bit Activation key and the MassCore 64-bit key.
  • MassCore Ultra Low latency mode can generate noise if used on some configuration (not optimal). In such case we rather recommend to use the Extra Low latency mode.

  • If your Core indicator in Pyramix is always overloading (red). Recommendation:
    • Under a 32 bit OS: The Hyper-Threading must be disabled in the Bios. If it was enabled you might have to un-install RTX MassCore and re-install it.
    • Under a 64 bit OS: MassCore RTX 64bit users are allowed to run with Hyperthreading enabled. In such case users will by default have 2 Core allocated to MassCore RTX64, as we leave a pair number of Cores for Windows. Merging recommends to have a SMP key under such configuration.
    • If under the Bios power options you have entries such as the Intel SpeedStep and CPU C State make sure that those options are disabled, they are potentials problems to MassCore

  • We recommend that you do not use more than 65-70% of the Core resources, to avoid intense graphic refresh burst related problems. Three safe core zones have been set. Eventually this will be optimized further.
    • 0% to 65% Green zone (best performance)
    • 65% to 75% Orange zone (moderate risk)
    • 75% to100% Red zone (performance could be at risk if major screen redraws are initiated by the user).

  • If the Core indicator blinks (red), this will indicate a drop, only be concerned if the drop occurred during Playback/Mix down or record. To reset the Core drop simply do a Mouse click on the Core indicator, for more information please refer to the appropriate section in the User Manual. 
  • If you have VST Core peaks users should increase their VST Engine Buffer size value, located under the Pyramix Settings. More information available in the User Manual.
  • External Insert plug-ins: The same input and output cannot be used in the External Insert plug-in and the Mixer at the same time, they are exclusive to either one.

  • The Mykerinos cards are not supported under 64bit Operating Systems and will only remain supported under 32bit.
  • Since the Release of version 8.0, Pyramix systems are only available in either Native or MassCore versions. Mykerinos Technology can still be used for I/O, but the DSP mixing power on the cards officially becomes legacy technology. This doesn’t mean that your Mykerinos Based systems is obsolete as you can upgrade any Mykerinos system to MassCore without having to do anything but purchase a MassCore License *. 

    * please consult the recommended minimum PC requirements for MassCore at Legacy hardware configurations