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As of Pyramix 25th Anniversary and Ovation 9 the VBplugins VS3 format are no longer part of those installers and must be installed separatly.

VB-VS3 Plugins  Installer  for Pyramix 25th Anniversary and Ovation v9



  1. Download the standalone VBplugins VS3 installer
  2. After having installed Pyramix 25th or Ovation 9, launch the VBplugins VS3 installer.
  3. Reboot your system

Warning: When removing Pyramix or Ovation the VB plugins will not be remove. It will require that you remove them form the Windows Programs, if wanting to get rid of them.

Note for Windows 10 users

If you get a warning message from Windows when launching the VB Plugins installer, please click on More Info.
You can then click on Run anyway to continue the installation