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When opening projects containing video files created in V10.0.x, in V10.1.x, the video file(s) might be offline.

To work around this issue :
Make sure you use Pyramix 10.1.3 or above.

If your video files contains Video and Audio tracks, select it and Ungroup it (CTRL + U)
Select the Video clip only. Do not select any audio clips, otherwise the video relink will not work.

Relink the medias, in Project drop down menu >Reconform > Relink to new media, with the following options :
Using current Media File Name / Matching File Name / Match exactly / Case Insensitive and Ignore TimeCodes options both ticked.

The video file is now relinked, but the video output need to be reinitialized : 
Close and reopen project.
To re-generate the waveform, select all files, right click on it and select Display > Generate Image/Waveform.

You only have to do this relink process when opening your project one time, once saved in V 10.1.3 or above, the files will relink properly next time you open your project. 
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