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  • You will still need 2 network adapters on your computer, but it is possible to connect the audio and data networks on the same switch.
    The switch must be configured in 2 Vlans.  This particular switch configuration splits the network ports into 2 virtual networks, completely isolated from each other.
    Such configuration is only possible for Managed switch.  Merging provides such configuration files for its validated switches (see Appendixes).
    Please note that the 2 VLANs
  • 2 network adapters required, each one connected on separate VLANs.
  • As above, check that the audio and data networks are on different IP range, and modify your IP addresses if required.


Unicast and Multicast connections


Unicast: from one source to one destination i.e. One-to-One
Multicast: from one source to multiple destinations stating an interest in receiving the traffic i.e. One-to-Many
Multicast audio connections allows several nodes to "listen" to a single source, but the network configuration must be multicast capable (managed switches) and properly configured (otherwise there will be audio issues, or no audio at all).
Unicast network configuration is much simpler, and does not require advanced configuration.
But Unicast audio requires to create 1 source per destination, while Multicast allows to have 1 single source to be sent to several destinations, which changes the network bandwidth used.
If you have to connect 2 devices together (e.g. 1 Anubis and 1 CoreAudio Mac), you can use Unicast, whether the physical connection is direct or through a standard gigabit network switch (unmanaged).
If you have more than 2 devices to connect, but are not sharing any modules between the devices, you can also use Unicast.  A typical setup would be a Hapi sending its AD Mic inputs into your DAW, and your DAW sending its ouputs into Anbuis for Monitoring purpose.
If you have more than 2 devices to connect, but need to share modules between the devices, you have no choice but to use Multicast.  For example, if you want to send a Hapi AD Mic inputs into your DAW and also in a backup recorder, or if you want to monitor a Hapi AD Mic inputs in Anubis and record those in your DAW.