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  1. At least 1 Merging RAVENNA device must be present in your setup.
  2. In the Merging RAVENNA device, make For Horus or Hapi devices:
    make sure that in Setup > System :
    ASIO Clock is set to Auto or On.
    Latency is set to 64 smpl (recommended), 32 or 16 smpl (RAVENNA) or 48 (AES67 - driver version must be 11 or above)
    For Anubis devices:
    make sure that in Settings > General > Latency is set to 64 smpl, 32 or 16 smpl (RAVENNA) or 48, 12 or 6.
  3. If your Merging device is running firmware 3.9.4 (or above), make sure you are running ASIO driver V12 (or above)
  4. Make sure that your DAW and Merging RAVENNA devices sampling rates matches.
  5. In RAVENNA ASIO panel, check that the Sample rate value is correct according to your settings, and that the State is green/running.