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Even if the RAVENNA ASIO driver can run on any Gigabit Ethernet Adapter, including the onboard one, it is recommended to use a dedicated card.
Separate Network card is recommended for better RAVENNA ASIO performances.
Merging recommends Intel Gigabit network adapters.
For better performances, such dedicated network card can be configured, in Windows Control Panel > Network and sharing center.
Select Change Adapter settings, then right click on the card and select Properties.

Only the IP V4 protocol should be enabled on the RAVENNA card, so other Windows services will not interfere directly with the card.
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In Windows Control Panel > Device Manager, locate the network adapters, select your card and access its Properties.
It is important to disable any power management feature.
Green Ethernet / Energy efficient Ethernet must be disabled.
It is usually in a Power Management tab, but it can depend of the NIC manufacturer - model :