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Since Pyramix 11, Ovation 7 and VCube 7, Merging highly recommends using a dedicated graphic card rather than onboard graphics.
Especially when requiring: multiple displays outputs, OpenGL UI plugins (Flux, Izotope, ....), video files,...

!!!ATI Firepro W4100 Windows 10 performance issues on  MassCore platform - only use such graphic card with Windows 7 SP1.

Please also consult the Graphic card recommended settings page

Pyramix 11/12, VCube 7/8, Ovation 7/8
ManufacturerModelAvailable outputsFanOS
ATI *FirePro W4100 4 mini DP2YesWindows 7 SP1
ATIFirePro 24504 DVIYesWindows 7 SP1
ATIFirePro 24604 min DP 1-2NoWindows 7 SP1
Windows 10
NVidiaGT7302 (VGA-DVI-HDMI) 3-4NoWindows 10
NVidia GTX7502 DVI4NoWindows 7 SP1
NVidiaGT10302 (HDMI - DVI)4NoWindows 10

GT10302 (HDMI - DP)4YesWindows 10

1:When using Mini DisplayPort-to-singlelink DVI adapters, quad output is divided into two pairs (displays 1 and 2, and displays 3 and 4). The displays used in each pair must be identical (with the same manufacturer and model number) and must be identically configured (with the same resolution). The pairs do not have to be identical to each other, however. 

2:Recommended mini DP to HDMI converters Accell B086B-008B-2 
See AMD recommended mini Display port adapters pages :