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Warning message 3330

[SACD] WARNING 3330  (ref. SACD-2 Annex F) :
The Annex F defined tests are not performed, since
the lossless coded DST data reconstruction is not enabled!
(Use option in 'additional functionality' settings)


That means that the text fields are not properly configured.


  • Disc and Album Genre fields should match
  • If Genre is not used, Genre table and Genre Index should be set to “not used”
  • If Genre Table is not set to “not used” (e.g. General Genre), Genre should not be set to “not used” (e.g. “Classical”)

Language/Character Set/SACD Text

  • If SACD Text is used, Text Channels settings (Character Set and Language) must be specified and matching for Album and Areas
  • Make sure the characters you use in the SACD Text fields (e.g. Artist, title, …) are conform to the Character set.
    • ANSI character set can be suitable only for English.
    • ISO 8859-1 will cover Latin, Scandinavian and Eastern Europe languages
    • Music Shift-JIS for Japanese
    • KSC-5601 for Korean
    • GB2312 for Chinese

If any of these rules are ignored, SACD Disc Builder will fail and report one or several errors.


Error message 8004020a

Error (8004020a): A subscription cannot be stored unless its event class already exists. 

This error shows up on DST files.
It is a false positive, the DST file is correctly encoded.
But to be sure you may re-encode the file by using the MediaManager instead to encode DST files : SACD > DST Encoder

Error message “No plain DSD Audio file” 


Download this zip file and extract it in any convenient place :
Right click on the extracted DSDRegsiter.bat and select "Run as administrator".
Windows will prompt to confirm that the required components are now correctly registered.
Once done, you can restart the SACD Disc Builder.