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  1. In RAVENNA ASIO Panel, please set the buffer size to a recommended value, depending of your sampling rate: RAVENNA ASIO Buffer sizes
  2. Make sure the Latency set in your RAVENNA device is set accordingly to the one in the ASIO Panel (64 or 48 Samples).
  3. Performance issue : disconnect all your IO in ANEMAN / Easy Connect, set RAVENNA ASIO Panel to use 8 in and 8 out, and set the sampling rate to 44.1.
    Connect the headphone ; if you don't have anymore clicks,  set more I/O in the ASIO Panel and connect more IO in ANEMAN / Easy Connect.
    Usually, slow or dual core CPU are rather subject to this kind of issue
  4. Performance issue : make sure you don't use power management features in Windows.
    Go in Windows Control Panel > Power Options and select "High Performance" power plan.
  5. In RAVENNA ASIO Panel, make sure you dont' have a "Network Throttling" error message.
    Windows can automatically reduce the network bandwidth on some specific process.
    The RAVENNA ASIO installer turns off this option automatically, but if for any reason this option has been turned on, you may disable Network Throttling on your system, by downloading, unzip and launch this patch :


“ASIO clock missing; is there a properly configured Horus/Hapi on the system”