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With the Monitor Mission this can be achieved by Sources that will be monitored within Anubis, you can also trim the sources accordingly. Those can then be summed into a Monitor Cue set of your choice. Today, no Panning or effects can be applied.
The Music Mission brings you a more intuitive and complete workflow with a typical Mixer (Faders, Pan, Fundamental Effects...). A more suitable mixer (including EQs, Dynamics, Reverb) for musician monitoring is included in the Music Mission.

Is there any distance limitation for RAVENNA mode use? In some cases, I may have to be more than 100m distance from stage.

100 Meters is the GbE (Gigabit Ethernet) maximum distance specification. For longer distances we recommend either inserting Gigabit Ethernet switches at regular distances less than 100 meters, using them as repeaters or better Copper to Optical (Ethernet to Fiber) adapters at each end (can be used with optical fibers up to roughly 600 meters or 2000 feet on a single hop.). A good reference starting point where this is all explained briefly is:
Customers should refer to the specs of the manufacturers of the CAT5e or CAT6 cables that they deployed or plan to use, as Merging only support those cables.

Merging has certified the TP-Link MC200 (NET-TPL-MC200 on pricelist) for Gigabit Multi-Mode Media Converter, and the TP-Link MC210 (NET-TPL-MC210 on pricelist) for Gigabit Single-Mode Media Converter.

Anubis Applicative Troubleshooting