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If after a reboot you still have this error message :

  1. Download RTX Properties check
  2. In Windows Start menu, type CMD to locate the command line prompt.
    Right click on it and select Run as Administrator 
  3. In the command line, enter the file path of RTXpropertiesCheck.exe to run it.

    For example :
    C:\Users\yourusername\Downloads\RTXPropertiesCheck.exe  If you have downloaded it in the default download folder. Or Drag&Drop the RTXPropertiesCheck.exe file in the command window.
  4. If you can't run the RTXpropertiesCheck.exe, and receive the error message :

    Run the vcredist_x642013 file included in the archive.
    And try again

  5. If the result is RTX64 properties valid, Pyramix should now be able to start in MassCore mode.

  6. If the result is RTX64 properties non valid :

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    • If dwPeriod = 100 should be 10 :
      • Go to Control Panel/RTX64/Configure the RTSS Subsystem/Change internal system behavior/
      • And edit the HAL Timer Period (millisecond) : 10

    • If dwLocalMemory = 0 should be 1 :
      • Go to Control Panel/RTX64/Configure the RTSS Subsystem/Change memory allocation behavior
      • Set the default memory allocation to Request from local memory pool (deterministic)
        Image Added

    • If dwEnterDebuggerOnException = 0 should be 2 :
      • Go to the Regestry Editor (Regedit.exe),
      • In the RTX64 folder (Computer/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\RTX64)
      • And edit the EnterDebuggerOnException : 2

    • Restart Pyramix to checks if the error message is goneYou must restart the computer for the changes to apply.

If the problem persist, please take a screenshot of the RTXpropertiesCheck.exe command prompt and contact