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  • RAVENNA user should avoid connecting multiple Horus / Hapi, MassCore, ASIO or VAD to any a router/Network not certified by Merging.
  • Refer to the Merging RAVENNA validated switches page for all details on the Merging certified RAVENNA switches.
  • Only Merging RAVENNA devices can be connected to the Merging PCIe Ethernet Controller Card NET-MSCGBEX1. 
  • Only RAVENNA devices should be connected on RAVENNA network, do not mix with devices like Controllers such as Tango/Isis/Euphonix or other network devices. 
  • 100MB Ethernet devices should not be connected on RAVENNA network.
  • Please also note that Windows cannot handle different networks in the same address range. For example, Windows cannot handle the Horus plugged on NIC 1 and a NAS plugged on NIC 2 if both devices uses the address range. You need to change one of the device and its NIC to another range, for example.